First step: Automating Order Process for Cyberlab

The focus of this project is on automating the order process. Cyberlab´s professional photographer customers use this solution to submit orders. Photo printing is an extraordinarily complex process involving various customer groups (photographers, clients, and agencies). However, with our advanced professional upload tool, we have successfully catered to the needs of all parties involved.

Our powerful Pro-Ordering tool simplifies the entire ordering process by seamlessly integrating with Cyberlab’s internal ERP system (Odoo) and the printing platform through automated interfaces. This integration streamlines workflow management, providing templates, tracking and customization options. Tectiers developed the Pro Ordering Tool exclusively for Cyberlab, a state-of-the-art photo lab for professional photographers. Shortly after implementation, over 2,500 orders were already processed, underlining the efficiency and effectiveness of the tool.

Second step: Streamlining Customer Requests for Cyberlab

Facing unstructured requests from diverse clients Cyberlab sought a solution. Our tool seamlessly integrates again with Cyberlab’s ERP system (Odoo) to create a streamlined process that efficiently manages and forwards all customer requests to Odoo’s CRM module. This integration eliminates the hassle and ensures that no lead is lost in the process.

Our tool stands out with its user-friendly interface and intuitive features. It provides multiple categories for accurate request classification and guides users step-by-step, making information gathering effortless. With this powerful solution, Cyberlab saves time and reduces workload significantly.

In the next step we will deal with analog photography.